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Executive Board Member: Steve Zappe

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Steve Zappe joined SFMUG shortly after moving from Albuquerque to Santa Fe in June 1994, a scant three months after the inaugural meeting, so he's not really a charter member even though he's been around a very long time. After lying low for the first year, he offered to host the SFMUG bulletin board system (BBS) in his home for a number of years, and for more years than he cares to remember he wrote a monthly column for the Digital Kiva (the print version of the SFMUG newsletter), first on issues related to the BBS, and then a summary of the previous month's general meeting called "Ya Shoulda Been There." He's also volunteered to give a number of presentations at the monthly meetings, although he wouldn't blame you if you don't remember. You'll generally know if he is at a meeting because he'll heckle the President and anyone else who is willing to make themselves a target of his sarcasm. During the day, Steve works for the New Mexico Environment Department in the Hazardous Waste Bureau and has the dubious distinction of being the state regulator of the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant near Carlsbad (that should earn him lots of brownie points...). Steve and his family have a bunch of Macs in their home, he owns a couple hundred shares of Apple stock, and he thinks the folks who attend SFMUG meetings are a great bunch of people. Obviously, enough members voted to put someone as delusional as Steve on the SFMUG board, at least for one year.

June 1994



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