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President: Giuseppe Quinn
Giuseppe QuinnI joined Santa Fe Mac User Group in May of 2003 and look forward to helping make it the most vibrant user group in the region. I bought my first Apple IIe in 1982 or 1983. I then jumped ship to the Amiga, but came back after the Amiga became an orphan, when I bought a Powerbook 5400c (ouch). I have done my bit since then to keep Apple afloat, buying two PB 3400's (his and hers), a Newton 2100, G4 server then a G5, 4 iPods, 2 iPhones and almost every piece of creative software Apple has made. The G5 arrived the same week I was elected V.P. of the Santa Fe Mac User Group... What a week... Yea! I have been President since 2004.

My wife Danielle Reddick and I are the owners of RedQuyn ZOOM Productions a Santa Fe based, Mac-centric live performance and video production company. Check out our website at From my earliest days growing up in circus to National Broadway tours, my many hats have included; clown, performer, creator, producer, manager and President."



Member since : May 2003



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